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From the day of establishment to date, SuperbMelt has enrolled and successfully scaled through numerous certification processes. This helps ensure that our services are suitable and verified for use within and outside China. The ISO9001:2015 certification backs up our quality management system. We have got the CE certificate, SGS certificate, AAA credit rating certificate, and various other patents. These certifications reveal our quality management in scientific processes, refinement, standardization, and product adumbration, ensuring that our mode of operations conforms with international standards. We continue to introduce products that suit customers’ expectations with soothing certifications while meeting market demand.

Tecmotion Robots

Enjoy more automation,transform your production line and your bottom line 

One stop solution 

one set of 6-Axis robots to realize automatically manufacturing 

Precision automation,Proven reputation 

Leading a new era for industrial robot 

Precision Automation Specialists

Fore more than decades,the Chinese top manufacturers have relied on Chinese Robots to reduce production costs, improve product quality, and increase their bottom line

All-in-one series robots

6- Axis robot to realize a low cost and more automatic way to your factory 

Low cost in production

We keep looking a lower cost,but high efficiency manufacturing way to factories

Industry Solutions

Tecmotion robot is a leading supplier to a wide variety of manufacturing industries including Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Consumer Products, Industrial and many more.

And we keep goaling to all customers range from small manufacturing company to world top 500

Popular Products

China Tecmotion is a brand of robot arm in China Tecmotion Co,ltd  which was established Shenzhen and had a branch in Dongguan. 

Shenzhen Tecmotion Intelligence Co.,ltd

Tecmotion was built for gathering technical of Robot arm&harmonic drive technology in China to support widely usage of world, which is engaged in research, design and production of precise robot arm and harmonic drive device, With 30000m2 mill of production, Tecmotion has R&D center, production & testing equipment. 

All the details can be controlled by production link, as the parts were made in our mill totally, which promised stable quality and capacity to support customers.

Our Team

At Tecmotion, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, competitive pricing, speedy delivery and a comprehensive product offering. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

Will Huang 


Alex Zhang


Will Huang 


Alex Zhang


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